Tattooed Robotic slut with daddy issues!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Dark Aryan submissive Robotic Princess with Daddy Issues

5'11, 150, 34,German-Russian-Italian-Spanish-Hungarian curvy hellcat begging for cock and blond pussy! My eyes smeared with about five cans of black eye makeup and my pale body is covered in tattoos. Do you imagine my creamy thighs mashing against one another with a scintillating smoosh? Favorite films: Haxan,House at the edge of the park, I spit on your grave(2010), Queens of Evil, Salon Kitty, Blood of Dracula,A Real Young Girl (1976) and Ms. 45 Favorite Foods: Squid Ink Pasta With Shrimp and Scallops,Angels on horseback, Pu-Pu platter,Tomato bruschetta, and chocolate bavarian cheesecake.Pets: Black Crow and pray mantis Crazy Adventures: I will tell you when you call Desired Location: 1930s Italy and 18th century Germany.Talents: Snuff, Accomplice play, extreme submission, Bloodplay, ageplay, robots,Nazi Play, doll fetish,knifeplay ,maledom, and bloody panties. Perfect Date:  I am looking for perverted weirdos , sick fucks, depraved yuppies, raceplayers, Lesbian sadistic bitches,Alpha Jewish Masters, and nasty Lesbians. Turn Ons: Money, power, Alpha men, Daddy Doms, and Patrick Batemen type yuppie sick fucks. Turn Offs: Timewasters, cheap-ass bastards, fake doms and losers who do not takeH this type of sexual submission seriously.